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Warehouse Storage Racks and Industrial Shelving for Sale

Are you looking for heavy-duty pallet racking, industrial shelving, and warehouse storage racks for sale? Brownbuilt has you covered.
We sell and install new pallet racking in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. We can also help upgrade and expand your existing warehouse storage system.
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Compliant to Australian Standard AS4084-2012

Maximising warehouse storage is of primary concern to many organisations and Brownbuilt Pallet Racking system has been designed to meet every warehouse need with proven durability, safety and flexibility. The selection of heavy-duty pallet racking, industrial shelving and warehouse storage racks we have for sale are of the highest standard of quality.

Selective and Drive-In warehouse storage racks enable maximum space utilisation and economic storage. Along with warehouse racking for sale, we also offer rolled upright shelving for neat and tidy warehouse storage.

Why Choose Brownbuilt for pallet racking:

50mm vertical beam adjustment

means greater flexibility and space utilisation than the standard 75mm adjustability.

Unique ‘keyhole’ connection

between beam and column provides greater rigidity, strength and allows for easy adjustment.

Australian certified product

our warehouse racking system is fully Australian certified with local support for after your purchase.

Safety snaplock design

means that an attached beam holds firm, preventing accidental dislodgement.

Corrosion-free galvanised columns

are standard throughout our range of warehouse storage racks.

5 Year Warranty

Our Pallet Racking for sale is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 5 years from purchase date.


Brownbuilt supplies upright column sections with varying profiles and grades of high tensile steel to accommodate differing load requirements. Brownbuilt uprights are produced from corrosion-resistant, galvanised or powder coated steel in both standard and custom lengths.


Brownbuilt offers a complete range of standard beam sections and lengths to suit individual loading applications, pallet sizes and weights. Brownbuilt beams are easily adjusted without the use of tools and are powder coated in Safety Orange.
Standard Lengths:
1370 / 2590 / 2740 / 3050 / 3660


All Brownbuilt beams feature welded beam brackets.
Three different bracket designs are offered to suit differing beam loads. Two stud, Three Prong and Four Prong.
The tapered edge of Brownbuilt keyhole connections prevents binding between the bracket and upright and all beams are fitted with Brownbuilt’s positive-locking safety clips, which are designed to automatically engage and hold beams in position, preventing accidental beam dislodgement.

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If you would like to know more about the iheavy-duty pallet racking, industrial shelving, and warehouse storage racks we have for sale at Brownbuilt, then reach out to our team.

Receive a quote on our warehouse racking for sale to see how affordable and organised your warehouse storage could be with our system. Either call us on 08 8468 4150, submit a product enquiry for a quote or a general enquiry for any non-product related queries.

PDF Brochure:

Safety Orange colour swatch

Safety Orange – Gloss

Galvanised Steel

Galvanised Steel

16RC 90mm 72.6mm
20RC 90mm 73.0mm
24RC 90mm 72.4mm
RB121 80mm 70mm STEPPED
RB050 50mm 50mm OPEN
RB075 75mm 50mm OPEN
RB095 95mm 52mm BOXED
RB112 112mm 52mm BOXED
RB127 127mm 52mm BOXED
RB150 150mm 50mm BOXED

5 Years