Metal Storage Cupboards for Australian Businesses by Brownbuilt

Choosing the right storage cupboards for your business is more important than many people think. Finding cupboards that are made of quality materials, come in a range of sizes, and are designed to solve your storage troubles requires consideration and research. Most importantly, you must decide what kind of storage you need and what limitations exist. Are you tight on space? Tambour style sliding doors will help minimise obstructions. Do you have important supplies or chemicals to keep stored tightly away? Metal storage cupboards are sturdy enough to keep any important files and supplies under lock and key. With three modern cupboards for sale in our range, Brownbuilt have high quality cupboards to suit every storage need in Australia.

Our range of cupboards for sale

There are three designs in the Brownbuilt range of cupboards:

Our cupboards are fully metal aside from the flexible PVC doors in the tambour style.

Supplying Australia quality storage cupboards since 1885

For more than a century we’ve been Australia’s first choice when it comes to sturdy metal office furniture, cupboards and storage solutions. Along with our storage cupboards, we also provide durable steel lockers, filing cabinets, shelving, planter boxes, pallet racking and everything else required to stay organised. We supply our products throughout Australia and have a long history of developing creative storage systems and equipment for our customers.

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For more information on our metal storage cupboards for sale, contact our team on 08 8468 4150. You can easily request a quote online or reach out with any general enquiries and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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