National Gallery of Victoria

NGV Art Storage System NGV Art Storage System NGV Art Storage System NGV Art Storage System
Extensive experience in custom pallet racking systems ensures Brownbuilt uprights and cross-members are of the utmost build-quality.

The Brownbuilt Art Storage System – The National Gallery of Victoria

The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) needed an art storage system that was compact and would fit into their existing facility. They also needed consistency in the way in which the art is stored and the ability to add to the system over time.

The NGV required the system to have a 25 year service life. Brownbuilt’s Art Storage system is based upon a unique overhead suspension system that doesn’t employ any ground based tracks that would be prone to wear and tear and so fully met the requirement of the NGV.

Brownbuilt’s bottom rail guide system is designed to minimise vibration and lateral movement and does not utilise a ground-running front guide wheel that is often employed by other systems. As is the case at the NGV, installations utilising ground- running front guide wheels are often unsuitable in older buildings that do not have perfectly flat floors.

Brownbuilt’s unique overhead suspension system has less resistance than you would get through outdated floor tracking units, resulting in less vibration, which is a very important consideration in art storage.

The Brownbuilt Art Storage system allows rolling resistance to be set at the desired level for both the top section and the bottom guides. The width between the rails and screens can also be adjusted to very fine tolerances. This allows future flexibility to incorporate additional screens into the system if required – Capacity can also be increased by simply reducing the width between the existing screens.

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