Hanging Art Storage

The Brownbuilt 2D Art Storage System

Finally, a hanging art storage system that is flexible and expandable without compromising on quality. With a 25 year service life, art racks from Brownbuilt will let you retrofit facilities, reconfigure and expand your storage as needs change over time.

Our hanging art storage systems come with a generous 5 year warranty period so you can appreciate them and cargo well into the future.

Both sides of each screen can be utilised for storage and multiple screens can be accessed concurrently.

Our unique overhead rail system doesn’t employ any ground based tracks that would prevent trolley access, collect dust and provide a tripping hazard. They also do not utilise ground-running wheels as often employed by other systems. This makes the Brownbuilt vertical art storage system suitable for use in older buildings that do not have perfectly flat floors.

The system’s bottom screen guides are designed to minimise vibration and lateral movement. Rolling resistance can be set at the desired level for both the overhead railing and the bottom guides.

The width between rails and screens can be a adjusted to allow for greater clearance or reduced to increase storage density or a combination of both. Capacity can be added at any point in the future by simply reducing the width between the rails and adding more screens.

The Brownbuilt hanging art storage system is already in use at the National Gallery of Victoria and the National Archives of Australia. Let us create a system tailored to your needs!

For more information contact the Brownbuilt Art Storage sales team on 08 8468 4150