Pallet Racking Audits

Selective Pallet Racking System

Keep your warehouse safe and compliant

Brownbuilt supply pallet racking systems and components that comply to or exceed Australian Specifications, AS 4084-2012. Who better, then, to audit your existing storage system?

Our team are available to perform pallet racking audits not just in Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney but across Australia. We can also help upgrade and expand your existing warehouse storage system.

The Australian Standard AS4084-2012 calls for safety audits of pallet racking to ensure that the installation is safe and continues to function within the intended specifications. Brownbuilt personnel are trained to look after your Pallet Racking installations through pallet racking safety audit inspections.

We perform Pallet racking audits in accordance with AS 4084 – 2012.

At the end of the Audit, we will provide a comprehensive report outlining any damage on the components and action required to resolve any issues of safety including:

  • Safe working loads
  • Report on safety aspect of the racking installation
  • Type and location of damages if there are any.
  • Report on correct installation, application and use of equipment
  • Check beam connectors and the presence of beam safety clips
  • Confirm that the correct safe load signage is being used.

We will prepare a comprehensive report, and a competitive quote for any rectification if necessary.

For more information and to book your pallet racking inspection, please contact our Pallet Racking Team on 08 8468 4150.

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