CompakMax Aladdin Plus

The Brownbuilt CompakMax Aladdin was the first computer controlled Electric Mobile Storage System to be developed in Australia. Now equipped with single push-button operation and packed with latest technological improvements, the CompakMax Aladdin Plus represents the most sophisticated Electric Mobile Storage System available and is backed by a 5 year product warranty.

CompakMax Aladdin Plus is a reliable and convenient solution for medium to heavy-duty storage, allowing movement of total system loads up to 84 tonnes with high frequency operation.

Systems can be configured with a wide range of shelving layouts including Light and Heavy Duty RUT and optional exterior dress panels for installations requiring colour coordinated or architecturally aesthetic appearances.

Safety Features

Operator safety is of prime importance with Brownbuilt CompakMax Aladdin Plus Electric and a number of safety systems are fitted as standard:

  • Automatic activation of aisle lock when the selected aisle button is pressed.
  • An aisle entry photo beam provides a secondary fail-safe trigger of the aisle lock system.
  • Aisle obstructions are detected with a fully safety compliant photo beam.
  • The CompakMax Aladdin Plus system incorporates duel circuit fail-safe systems, and is fully compliant with AS4024, AS4024.1 and OHS ACT 2000 and AS3000.

Operational features

  • One Button Operation in either direction of travel, the system automatically knows which way to go.
  • Quiet operations, Soft Start and Soft stop.
  • AC VFD’s and brushless motors ensure a smooth stress free operation and long motor life.

Hardware and Software

  • All cabling is hidden neatly beneath the floor. Unsightly overhead pantograph arms are a thing of the past.
  • No mechanical limit switches are used, all sensors and components are solid state for reliability.
  • Remote internet access capability.
  • Low energy usage.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply allows a limited amount of operation during power failure.
    Up to 12 movements of the whole system or up to 150 movements of a single mobile, depending on loading.
  • Hardware and software is Australian designed and made.


1. Aisle lighting

As the selected aisle is opened the overhead Aisle light illuminates. The aisle light is linked to the “Aisle Lock” and goes on and off automatically. Thus saving energy and increasing tube life.
Energy saving fluorescent tubes with electronic ballasts or LED options are available. The lights can be set to illuminate upon an aisle obstruction / trip event to support personnel.

2. Fire close

When the building fire alarm system activates and turns off power, the Aladdin Plus system can be programmed to sound an alarm and then to close-up, providing some protection of the contents from water damage.

3. Key Pad

Key pad security locks are available for each mobile unit.

4. System lock

An all closed system key lock is available.

5. Remote Software

Remote system software is available for open, close and locking operations.

6. Class B & C Security

Class B & C Security locking system is available.

Track Configurations

1800-4500mm 2 Track
4500mm-6300mm 3 Track

Track Types

On-Floor with timber false floor

System Heights:

Min clearance height = Shelving height + 375mm to top of mobile control box – inclusive of on-floor track height

Plinth/Mobile Widths:


Plinth/mobile Depths:



5 Years on Shelving and mobiles
12 Months on electrical components

CompakMax On-Floor Track

CompakMax In-Floor Track

CompakMax On-Floor Track with False Floor